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8 Ways To Make A Fan Blow Cold Air

Fans have been around for ages but have recently been replaced by the air conditioner, providing a more efficient way of blowing cool air towards wherever it has been directed. However, not everyone has an air conditioner or intends to buy one. So, what are the eight best ways to make a fan blow cold air?

A fan’s function is to spin its propellors around and blow air (whether hot or cold) in the direction it is aimed at. From putting ice in front of the fan to using your wet laundry to cool down the air, there are eight ways you can make a fan blow cold air.

There isn’t a need for you to suffer in the heat or make the heat worse by directing it at yourself with a fan. Multiple genius hacks have been tried and tested and are now proven to help your fan blow cooler air. So, take a seat and read about the eight ways on how to make a fan blow cold air.

Put The Fan On The Floor

At least in everyone’s life, we have heard the saying that warm air rises, which is true. However, when you analyze this fact, you think to yourself: “If warm air rises, what happens to the cool air?” This is an important question; the answer is exactly the opposite of what happens to warm air. Cool air stays closer to the ground while warm air rises.

This means that if you have a fan with a stand that is relatively tall, your fan might simply be blowing around the warm air that has risen. So, to counteract this, you make the fan blow around the cooler air instead. This can be achieved by putting the fan on the ground or buying a fan that was built to be put on the floor.

While this is not the most effective method, it does work, so give it a try.

Direct The Fan Towards Ice/Cold Water

This is one of the most common and highly used methods to make a fan blow cooler air. As mentioned before, fans blow around the air around it, whether it is hot or cold. Therefore, if you do not find the idea of putting a fan on the floor working, you should create cold air for the fan to blow, which can be very easy.

One of the ways to do this is to take a bucket and fill it with ice and water or put bottles with very cold water inside a bucket and put them in front of the fan. This is the most effective way to make your fan blow cooler air. 

There is a slight confusion about whether you should put the ice behind or in front of the direction the fan is blowing. Many claim that putting ice behind the fan works, but this is not true. To make it the most effective, put the ice or cold water in front of the fan and allow the cold air to the rest of the room.

Reverse The Direction Of Your Fan

This method is very effective for blowing cool or warm air, but it only works with ceiling fans. On almost all ceiling fans, a lever, button, or switch will allow you to change the direction that the fan spins. In summer, you want the fun to spin counterclockwise, while in winter, you want the fan to spin clockwise.

When a fan spins counterclockwise, it blows the air downwards and directs it upwards when sinning in a clockwise motion. When it blows the air downwards, the fan keeps all the cool air pushed towards the ground while circulating the warm around away from the fan. So, if your ceiling fan is not blowing enough cool air, check that it is spinning downwards and counterclockwise.

This can also be reversed for winter. For example, a ceiling fan spinning clockwise will blow the cold air upwards and away from the lower parts of the room.

Air Out Your Laundry

While this method relies on you having done your laundry recently so that the clothes are still wet, it is a very effective method yet quite uncommon. This method is similar to putting cold water or ice in front of a fan. However, you can now accomplish two things: getting your fan to blow cool air and drying your laundry.

If it is a hot day and your fan is not doing an adequate job, and you have just done your laundry, so it is still damp, hang it in front of the fan. By doing this, the fan blows air onto your relatively cool laundry, which results in the fan having to blow cool air around the room. At the same time, the air being blown towards your clothing will dry the laundry. It is a win-win situation.

Put A Damp Cloth Over The Fan

This method is effectively the same as airing out your laundry, besides being able to dry your laundry simultaneously. However, this is much quicker than doing laundry every time you want your fan to blow cold air. Nevertheless, both of these methods have been tried, and the people who have tried them testify in their favor, so it has to work.

Both methods of hanging the cloth on the fan or just in front of the fan work. The fan will blow air through the wet/damp cloth, blowing cool air throughout a room. The positive about this method is that you can control how cold you want the cloth to be. 

This is extra effective if you put the cloth in freezing water. Another positive is that you can make the cloth wet over and over, which you do not want to do with your laundry. 

Point The Fan Out Of A Window

Although it does not feel immediately effective, this method is one of the best ways to cool down a room. However, it will only work if a room has two windows. Otherwise, you will blow a fan towards an open window without any other ventilation. This method is also very good for getting fresh air into a room.

When there are two windows, you create a cycle of fresh and cool air throughout a room. The fan will blow the warm air out of the room and allow for new fresh and cool air to enter the room. This method may seem pointless and counterintuitive, but it has been proven to work very well.

Use Multiple Fans

Suppose you do not find the method of putting a fan pointing outside the window to be working. In that case, another great option for you is to use fans for cycling air around the room and direct the warm air out and the cool air in. However, this method is only possible if you have two or more fans and need a part of the room to be covered by shade for it to work.

Start by placing one of your fans in a shady area of the room, pointing to the area where you want to be cooler. Since that part of the room is shady, it will have cooler air than the rest of the room. The second fan must be in the warmer part of the room, pointing to where you want the warm air to exit the room. 

This method is very effective if you place the fans correctly. However, if you want an even bigger effect, you can put more fans on either side of the room to either force more cool air around or force more warm air out of the room.

Get A Multi-Functional Fan

Some fans only point in one direction, while some can blow left and right and up and down. These fans are very useful. If you place them correctly so that they are blowing cold air towards a room, the fan’s movement allows cool air to be blown all around the room instead of in one direction.

Use one of these fans alongside one of the methods mentioned above. Then, you will definitely have a better chance of blowing cool air throughout an entire room effectively.


Fans are a cheaper and more portable alternative to an air conditioner. However, unlike air conditioners, fans cannot control the temperature of the air they blow around. But this does not mean that you have to suffer in the heat if you do not have an air conditioner, and there are many things you can do that will get your fan to start blowing cold air.

A wet cloth or your wet laundry in front of the fan will allow it to blow cold air around the room. A bucket of ice or cold water will achieve the same goal while using multiple fans or pointing a fan out of the window will allow you to let the cold air in and the warm air out. Other methods, like making your ceiling fan blow downwards or using a multi-functional fan, will be nearly as effective.