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Carrier Model Serial Number (How To Read And Look Up)

Every year Carrier sells thousands of air conditioners. Imagine keeping track of each unit to provide the correct parts to service each one according to model and make.

An accurate tracking model is needed to do this. A model serial number is a way to safeguard customers and manufacturers and ensure each air conditioning unit can be serviced and maintained correctly.

The Carrier Model Serial Number is alpha-numerical and has nine digits. The 1st two digits represent the week of production; the 2nd two show the year, the letter refers to the factory, and the last four numbers are unique to the product. Find this on the rating plate at the back of the unit. 

Air conditioners generally have a life span of between 15 and 20 years; it is a lengthy period to maintain the information and specifications of a product. Carrier has a unique model serial number that records all this information for you to use when you need it. 

Carrier Products Have Unique Model Serial Numbers

Carrier, one of the most respected brands of air conditioners, has a unique carrier model serial number on each unit detailing valuable information relating to the specific product. This information also provides details that pertain to the warranty.

Given the number of air conditioners sold annually, a unique serial number is invaluable in keeping track of every unit and its model and parts requirements. This number also assists owners in servicing and repairing their units correctly. 

Carrier Model Serial Numbers Provide Important Information

Every Carrier product has a model serial number that tells the year of manufacture, which factory made it, and the unit’s unique sequence number. These are stickers with numbers and letters printed on them.

Serial numbers for air conditioners are on the rating plate, generally at the back of the unit and just above the service valve connections. 

Knowing the production date is essential for warranty purposes and other product queries. Most Carrier products have a ten-year warranty, and the model serial number keeps a record of this. 

Some components have a lifetime guarantee. Obtain this information from the place of purchase or directly from Carrier.

In addition to the serial number, the model number also provides information about the type of air conditioner and assists when placing queries or looking for replacement parts. 

Each Air Conditioner Has A Unique Serial Number

The latest Carrier Model Serial Number is alpha-numeric and has four sections to it:

  • The first two numbers detail the week of manufacture.
  • The second two numbers show the year the unit was manufactured.
  • The letter indicates the factory that made it.
  • The last five numbers are the unit’s unique sequence numbers. 

An example of this is a serial number that is 0708E18775 indicating that:

  • Production was in the 7th week of the year, which in this case is the 2nd week in February
  •  and 2008.
  • The letter E refers to the factory that manufactured it. 
  • The unit is identifiable by the number 18775.

Before 2012, the serial numbers followed different patterns but still included the month and year of manufacture. Even though you bought your unit before 2012, the model serial number is still relevant. It will assist with identifying your air conditioner and provide information for maintenance and repairs and assist in querying the product, service, and replacement details.

The Importance Of Carrier Model Serial Numbers

Carrier produces a range of air conditioners and cooling systems suited to domestic and industrial purposes. The model serial number is essential and is used to register the unit for warranty purposes and tells you how old the air conditioner is. This information is vital to determine whether your aircon needs replacing, needs to be serviced, or still falls within a warranty period. 

The model number and the serial number provide accurate specifications for each unit. They are helpful when purchasing replacement parts for your air conditioner. 

In addition to the warranty of each unit, the serial number is applicable when detecting faults. It assists with identifying a batch of specific models that may have manufacturing defects and enables a quick diagnosis of the problem. 

Carrier Model Numbers Also Contain Valuable Information

A model number is just below the serial number on the back of the aircon, providing helpful information about the specifications of a particular model. 

BTU is an abbreviation for British Thermal Unit and indicates the energy used to eliminate heat from a room. The higher the BTU, the bigger the space it can cool. 

Find a number divisible by six or twelve, which will be either the 7th and 8th or the 8th and 9th numbers. Divide this by twelve to calculate the tonnage of your unit. Tonnage dictates the size of space the unit can cool. 

Carrier Products Have 10-Year Warranties

New Carrier cooling or heating units come with an automatic warranty; extended warranties are available at an extra cost. Warranties differ between residential and commercial products. 

Carrier air conditioners and cooling units have a ten-year warranty. Register your model serial number within ninety days of installation. Do this to have access to the benefits of this warranty. If you do not register the product in time, this will deem to have commenced on the date unit was manufactured. 

The warranty is for the specified time. If, for instance, you sell your home, it is still active for the new owner but does not apply if the unit moves from the original installation place. 

As with all warranties, coverage depends on a registered technician installing the unit and the 

air conditioner’s maintenance. If your air conditioner is not correctly registered, there is a limited warranty on certain parts for five years. 

Register Your Serial Number To Activate The Product Warranty

To activate your product warranty, you must register your unit online on the Carrier website. The carrier model serial number is the most important information to capture. The Carrier website allows you to type in your serial number and obtain warranty details. 

Aside from the serial number, you will also need to include:

  • Model number
  • The date of purchase
  • The date of installation
  • The reason for the installation
  • The type of property 
  • The installer
  • Place of purchase

Carrier Product Warranties Cover Basic Components 

Carrier warranties cover several essential components of each unit. However, suppose you do not register in time, there is a limited warranty on specific items for five years. 

Warranties cover the following components: 

  • The blower motor determines the strength of the stream of air that your unit blows.
  • A compressor is the unit’s engine that converts the cooling substance to a high-pressure gas. 
  • The coils remove heat from your home and change it into cool air. 
  • A control Board receives information from the thermostat and uses this to instruct other components. 
  • The heat exchanger exchanges heat between two gasses and prevents the gasses from mixing. 

The warranty may cover some other functional components determined by the type of unit you have purchased. You need to check this with Carrier or the dealer you bought from to be sure you know what the warranty includes. 

Warranties Have Exclusions 

Warranties do not provide unlimited coverage, and there are things not covered by a warranty. Of imperative importance is to check what is and what isn’t covered before you make your purchase.

The following is typically not covered by a Carrier warranty:

  • Shipping and handling
  • Installing and removing
  • Servicing
  • Products bought online
  • Filter removal and cleaning
  • Faults caused by incorrect installation
  • Fault detection
  • Faulty electrical wiring 
  • Damage to the unit
  • Damage to parts that are not Carrier exclusive
  • Damage caused to the air con because the components are not Carrier approved
  • Neglect of the air conditioner
  • External factors such as fire and other natural disasters

To ensure that the warranty covers your unit, have it installed correctly by an approved technician and serviced according to Carrier specifications with approved parts. 

The labor cost is not included in your warranty because your unit is not installed directly by Carrier but by an external contractor. 

When you need to claim against your warranty, you must either call Carrier, contact Carrier online, or contact the dealer that sold the unit to you. 


Carrier Model Serial Numbers are specific to each unit, providing information on when and where it was manufactured and showing a unique sequence for each air conditioner. The serial number consists of nine digits. The 1st two are the week of manufacture; the 2nd two are the year of manufacture, and the letter shows which factory made it. The last five are the unique sequence.

Register serial numbers on the Carrier website to take advantage of the product warranty. The warranty is for ten years and is limited to major components. Register your product online within ninety days of installation to secure the warranty. The model number contains details of the BTU of each unit. To claim your warranty, contact Carrier telephonically or online.