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Air Conditioner For A Room Without Windows

If you have stayed in a room without a window for more than a few minutes, especially during summer, you know you walk out of there hot and uncomfortable. When a room has no windows, it has poor air circulation, and the heat gets trapped, so what air conditioner works for a room without windows? 

There are air conditioners to cool down a room without windows, such as installing a portable air conditioner. There are two types of stand-alone air conditioners (that are ductless) that you can use. Misting fans is another way of increasing air circulation and cooling down a windowless room. 

Successfully cooling a room down when it has no windows has been a tough ask in the past, but new and innovative technological advances have provided many ways to cool down a windowless room. We researched all the viable options and wanted to share all the information and products we found that worked.

Air Conditioner For A Room Without Windows

Cooling down a home can be challenging during the summer. Air conditioners are expensive, and most of them require a window as they pump the warm air out of the room, into the ducts, and out of the window. It then releases cold air back into the room to cool it down. 

That is why it is difficult to cool down a room with no windows. A room without windows has poor circulation, meaning the hot air has nowhere to go, so it rises to the top, but eventually, there is no more room for the warm air at the top, and the entire room gets hot.

The main idea behind an aircon is that the warm air is pumped out, but if you have no window to put a duct into, how can you cool it down? There are a few options that work, and we will look at each and some alternative ways to cool down a windowless room.

Using Portable/Ventless Air Conditioners

One cost-effective and easy way to cool down a warm and windowless room is to use a portable aircon. There are many kinds of portable air conditioners that you can use. Some of them require the use of a hose that goes out the nearest outdoor access, like a window in the next room or a door, and others are completely potable. 

What Is A Ventless Mini Split AC?

A ventless cooler is sometimes called an air conditioner, but it does not work the same way. Ventless ACs don’t require lengthy ductwork to carry the warm air outside and replace it with cool air. These mini-splits are all individual units connected to a big outdoor compressor unit. That makes using mini split ACs worth it as you can cool down any room without having to worry about windows,

The indoor units have evaporator coils that have refrigerant inside. When the warm air blows over the evaporator coils and then gets sent to the outside unit that sends it back cooled down. It works similarly to a refrigerator but for your home. 

What Is A Portable Air Conditioner?

A portable air conditioner works with a hose that takes the hot air outside. Fresh colder air is then pumped back into the room. This is a more permanent option for rooms without windows, but for this option to work, you must have a room with a door leading outside or that has a window next to the windowless room. You then have to hook the hose up to the window in the other room, or the door as the hose needs access to the outside to work. 

Other portable air conditioners are more portable and less permanent and work by circulating the air in the room. As the air moves, it passes through the portable air conditioner and is expelled as colder air. These units work well in a windowless room as they cool down the warm air without needing a vent or a hose. They use ice or water to cool down the warm air in the room.

Installing A Through The Wall Air Conditioner

The next best thing to an air conditioner in a windowless room is installing a through-the-wall air conditioner. These air conditioners are installed with half of the unit inside the room and half of the unit outside of the room in the open air.

It will only work if your windowless room has an exterior wall, as the second half of the unit needs to be outside the home to work properly. It is the most invasive air conditioning unit for a windowless room as you will need to remove a section of the wall where the unit will be installed.

These units can be more effective than standard ACs as there is no air escaping through the window, and you will have a nice cool room in no time.

Using An Evaporative Cooler

These coolers also work as humidifiers and are great for dry climates with dry, hot air. Evaporative coolers have a pump that pulls the water from the tank to a cooling pad. It then pulls the warm air inside the room onto the cooling pad, which loads the air with moisture particles. 

It then blows the moisture-laden air back into the room and cools the room down. These coolers are very effective and can lower the room’s temperature by 30 degrees in no time. Evaporative coolers don’t need vents, hoses, or access to the home’s exterior to work, and there are cost-effective units that work just as well as the higher-end units.

Other Ways To Cool A Windowless Room

There are many other interesting ways to cool down a room with no windows. If you need to cool down a room and you don’t have an air conditioner, you can use one of these methods to help give you some relief from the heat.

Using Regular Fans

You can use fans to cool down any area that does not have an air conditioning unit or windows. You can place two fans in the room, one facing the doorway and the other facing the ceiling. It mimics the natural airflow that a room with a window has.

The fan pointed to the ceiling will blow the hot air lower, and the other fan facing the door will pull the hot air outside the room. The cool air drops lower, and after a few minutes, the room circulates the cold air, and the fans push out any hot air. 

Installing A Ceiling Fan

You will get the same results if you have a ceiling fan and a stand-alone one that you use similarly. Ceiling fans are great to use in summer and winter as you can control the fan’s direction. When you turn it one way, it can circulate the cold, and if you reverse the rotation of the blades, it will circulate the hot air. 

Using Ice In A Container And A Fan

If you have a fan, you can use the ice in a container trick to help cool down a windowless room. You only need to put ice in a container a few feet away from the fan, so it still has direct contact with the air blowing from the fan. The air will blow over the ice and cool down drastically as it is blown around the room. 

Ice At The Back Of The Fan

The last fan trick you can use is placing two thin plastic bottles filled with ice at the back of the fan. The will cool the air down before it leaves the fan as it pulls cold air in and blows it back out. When you use this method, you should poke holes in the bottom of the bottles and have a bowl below it to catch the ice as it melts. It’s a bit messy, but it works well when you get the hang of it.

Turning Off The Lights And Appliances

When you need to cool down a room, you should turn off any appliances that you are not using. While one might not increase the temperatures, when you use more than one simultaneously, it will cause the temperature in the room to rise. The heat that the energy generates in lights works the same way. That is why you should ensure it’s not on and cooled down when you replace a lightbulb.

When you use lights in a windowless room, the heat it emits has nowhere to go, so it will only increase the overall heat in the room. Some of the lights that produce the most heat are incandescent lights. You can turn the incandescent lights off or replace them with regular LED lights. You will save money on electricity and ensure the room stays cooler.


It can be horrible when you have a room without a boiling hot window in the summer. There are very effective ways to keep the room cool. You can use portable air conditioners, ventless air-conditioners, or through-the-wall conditioners and evaporator coolers. If you don’t have it in your budget, you can use regular fans to ensure you don’t have to put up with excessive heat.